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Leo Zero



Is probably best known for his remixes of global acts like Madonna, Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey, Bryan Ferry & Paul Weller to name but a few. But prior to this he’s spent many years on the underground house scene, running parties, record labels, DJing, and learning the ropes in the studio.

Rewind back 20+ years and Leo was there right at the birth of House and Techno…in ‘86-87 spending his dinner money on the latest imports from Chicago and Detroit and listening to the first pirate radio shows spawning this brand new sound.

Two years later, the rest of the country had caught up, Acid House had kicked in, and Leo found himself in Ibiza right in the thick of it all. Cafe Del Mar, Amnesia, Ku, Es Paradis, Glory’s, Exstasis, Summum, Angels and a newly opened Space all sowed the seeds for a decade club promoting back in London and all over the world with the legendary Faith
and Soulsonic parties, the latter of which saw him host parties for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

Around this time Leo also made his first auspicious waves in the production world, turning heads with his disco edit label Easter Bay, which counted DJ Harvey and Idjut Boys as fans. Leo went on to form Dab Hands with Mark Wilkinson and Richard Searle in 2004, with the trio remixing Lou Reed and David Bowie’s “Satellite of Love” which gave them a top ten smash and a Miami buzz chart no.1. He’s also flexed his musical muscle as a member of psychedelic band A Mountain of One, writing and producing their first album ‘Collected Works’ in 2007.

Leo has also released three albums – the first a compilation called ‘Disconnect’ on Strut Records released in 2010, which featured tracks that had influenced Leo from all musical genres. His second was his first artist album ‘Acid Life’ released in 2012, and gained great reviews from Mixmag to Trax, Groove in Berlin and many other media platforms. Another album ‘Chops’ was released in the same year, Leo is very industrious!

Leo’s talent hasn’t ever been confined to music, either. He’s been involved in flyer/sleeve art for most of his natural life having worked with Junior Boys Own, Heavenly Records, Electric Stew, Dazed & Confused and Time Out. He has also exhibited at Jam at the Barbican and helped put together books on flyers for Thames & Hudson, as well as the hugely successful Golden Sun Movement exhibitions in London and Berlin.

Leo’s production skills are second to none, combining cutting edge and analogue techniques, which have put him in the right place for major label production projects, and artist development.



Selection of Remixes (full Discography and Remix list available on request):

  • Dua Lipa – Physical – Warner Records 2020
  • Bananarama – Venus – London Records 2019
  • Stone Foundation – Simplify the Situation – 100% Records 2017
  • Madness – Don’t Let The Catch You Crying (Leo Zero Remix) – Sony/BMG 2017
  • MSMR – Painted (Leo Zero Remix) – Columbia US 2015
  • Shura – 2 Shy (Leo Zero Remix) – Polydor 2015
  • Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love (Leo Zero Remix) – Sony/BMG 2015
  • Bryan Ferry – Driving Me Wild (Leo Zero Remix) – Sony/BMG 2015
  • Ambient Jazz Emsemble – Vibration (Leo Zero Remix) – Here & Now Recordings 2015
  • Bryan Ferry – Loop Di Li (Leo Zero Remix) – Sony/BMG 2014
  • Fever the Ghost – Source – (Leo Zero Remix) – Heavenly Recordings 2014
  • Bedford Falls Players – (Leo Zero Remix) – Kraft Music 2014
  • Mariam The Believer – Blood Donation – (Leo Zero Remix) – Moshi Moshi Records 2014
  • Riviere Noire – Nao Vo Embora – (Leo Zero Remix) Atmosphériques 2014
  • Mariam The Believer – Blood Donation – (Leo Zero Remix) – Moshi Moshi Records 2014
  • Psychemagik – Black, Noir, Schwartz – (Leo Zero Remix) – Crosstown Rebels 2014
  • Alison Moyet – Right As Rain – (Leo Zero Remix) Cooking Vinyl 2013
  • Morcheeba – Gimme Your Love – (Leo Zero Remix) – PIAS Records 2013
  • Footprintz – Fear of Numbers – (Leo Zero Remix) – Visionquest Records 2013
  • Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Leo Zero & Friends Remix) – Polydor Records 2013
  • St Lucia – September (Leo Zero Remix) – Neon Gold/Columbia Records 2012
  • Gramme – Too High (Leo Zero Remix) – Physical Release/Tummy Touch 2012
  • Min Stora Sorg – Blomstertid (Leo Zero Remix) – Bengtsson & Wirfält Skivbolag 2012
  • Madonna – Turn Up The Radio (Leo Zero Remixes) – Interscope Records 2012
  • Boy – Little Numbers (Leo Zero Remix) – Decca Records 2012
  • St Etienne – I’ve Got Your Music (Leo Zero Remix) – Heavenly Records 2012
  • Slow Club – Two Cousins (Leo Zero Remix) – Moshi Moshi 2012
  • Huski – Sleeps Over (Leo Zero Remix) – Huski Music Ltd 2012
  • Rune RK Feat. Cassandra Fox – Now You’re Gone (Leo Zero Remix) – Arti Farti Records 2012
  • Speech Debelle – I’m with it (Leo Zero Remixes) – Big Dada 2012
  • Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Leo Zero Remixes) – Polydor 2012
  • 2 Bears – Warm & Easy (Leo Zero Remixes) – Southern Fried & DFA US 2012
  • Foster The People – Don’t Stop (Colour the Walls) (Leo Zero Remix) – Columbia 2012
  • The Golden Filter – You Kill Me (Leo Zero Remix) – (R.O.M.) 2012
  • Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle (Leo Zero Remix) – Island Records 2011
  • Black Devil Disco Club Feat. Faris Badwan – Distrust (Leo Zero Remix) Lo Recs 2011
  • Patrick Wolf – Time of My Life (Leo Zero Remix) – Mercury 2011
  • Bryan Ferry – Alphaville (Leo Zero Remix) – Virgin 2011
  • Everything Everything – Schoolin’ (Leo Zero Remix) – Geffen 2010
  • Alphabeat – DJ (Leo Zero Rework) – Virgin 2010
  • Owl City – Fireflies (Leo Zero Remix) Island – 2010
  • Paul Weller – No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Remix) – Island 2010
  • Zarrylade – Eyes above Your Head II (Leo Zero Version) – White 2009
  • Metronomy – Not Made For Love (Leo Zero Remix) – Because Music 2009
  • Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart / Raise it up (Leo Zero Remix) – Island 2009
  • Wild Beasts – Hooting & Howling (Leo Zero Remix) – Domino 2009
  • Jack Penate – Tonight’s Today (Leo Zero Remix) – XL 2009
  • Lou Reed & David Bowie – Satellite Of Love ( Dab hands Remix) – Sony/BMG 2005