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Passarella Death Squad

Better known as one of London’s top cult clothing designers, Passarella Death Squad’s music is a diverse combination of contemporary electronica and haunting beautiful songs.

The musical arm of Passarella Death Squad is the result of a wide range of influences from classic artists such as Cocteau Twins, PIL and The Velvet Underground through to more recent visionaries such as LFO, DJ Hell and label boss (ex Micronaut) George Issakidis which results in a hugely individual sound.

Passarella Death Squad’s songs unrelentingly penetrate and awaken our deepest, darkest sexual psyche with knee grinding bass driven throbs and French vocalist Emilie Albisser’s vocals that makes one think of a 21st century Marlene Dietrich.

PDS’ Debut album released in 2010 was engineered by Death in Vegas man Tim Holmes, who brought his signature driving hypnotic production, couple with Danny’s stand out sleeve design.

The songs sound like the intoxicating feeling of breathtaking desire tightly laced with tension for seriously addictive music that slips deeper into your mind with every listen. Having performed live in Berlin, PDS are ready to tour the World, and an another amazing EP in Empire to be released in early 2014, and are enjoying support from the likes of James Holden, Daniel Avery, Optimo and Trevor Jackson.




Passarella Death Squad – Passarella Death Squad (CD, Album) The Republic Of Desire 2010
Singles & EPs
Passarella Death Squad – Ima / Blackout  (12″) The Republic Of Desire 2007
Passarella Death Squad – Painted Yellow, Painted Black  (12″) The Republic Of Desire 2009
Passarella Death Squad – Those Are Sirens  (12″) The Republic Of Desire 2009
Passarella Death Squad – Giant EP (12″, EP, Ltd, Edi) Days Of Being Wild 2013

Perc & Passarella Death Squad – Temperature Rising (12″) EQ Recordings 2010